How to Install Notix Push Notifications Plugin with WordPress

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Start re-engaging your audience with Notix push notifications service plugin for WordPress. Learn how to install Notix plugin on WordPress.

In this post, we will show you the best practices on how to install Notix push notifications service plugin, with the world’s largest content management service, WordPress.

Do you have a WordPress blog, or a WordPress website you wish to gather returning subscribers? Integrating a push notification service serves as a great tool to help WordPress owners notify their subscribed users whenever they publish an article.

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Notix Push Notifications Plugin for WordPress.

How to Install Notix Push Notifications Plugin with WordPress — HE-Reigns Computers

The Notix Push Notifications plugin is available to WordPress owners. It has a Free version and a Paid version.

NOTIX is an audience re-engagement service based on web push notifications that work for both desktop and mobile devices.

The Notix wordpress plugin provides custom solutions for any kind and size of business.

Notix WordPress Plugin Pricing Plan.

To start engaging your audience with Notix push notifications, you have to select from the available pricing plan, which ranges from Free plan, Basic, Monetization plan, and Enterprise.

  • FREE PLAN: The free plan allows you to engage with Up to 30,000 subscribers, has and Unlimited push notifications, monthly pricing of $0, and includes All its features.
  • BASIC PLAN: With up to 150,000 subscribers, this plan allows you to choose from $30 to $150 monthly payment. The number of subscribers you have determines the amount you should pay.
  • MONETIZATION PLAN: This plan allow you to monetize your push subscribers with brand-safe advertising! Make money instead of paying for service. And its completely free with unlimited subscribers.
  • ENTERPRISE PLAN: From 150,000 subscribers, companies and individuals can contact to discuss custom conditions.

Features available for all pricing plans

How to Install Notix Push Notifications Plugin with WordPress — HE-Reigns Computers

  • In-App: Expand your retention efforts through mobile app notifications
  • On-Site Notifications: Catch readers and customers with important updates and news right when they are on your website
  • Content Recommendations: Achieve deeper engagement by promoting content that directly matches users’ interests
  • Triggered Push: Send personalized and relevant notifications according to individual scenarios
  • Database migration from another service: Move your subscribers to Notix from your current provider
  • Real-time statistics: Track all metrics with no delays and monitor the delivery process as it occurs
  • Push Monetization: Monetize your subscribers upon request along with using Notix for sending your own content
  • Flexible subscription prompts: From delays in seconds to custom designs
  • API integration: Workflow automation: NOTIX SAAS for developers
  • Parallel testing option: Test NOTIX together with your current provider to see the difference
  • Send messages in users’ timezone: Reach your subscribers at the most suitable time for them.
  • Emoji Support: Make your messages more catchy and bright by using Emoji
  • 30% Better Delivery Rate: Deliver more and get higher CTR on each notification sent
  • WordPress Plugin: Install NOTIX on your website in several clicks with our plugin
  • Audience Segmentation: Improve targeting by segmenting audiences based on custom parameters
  • RSS Feeds: Turn your RSS feed into Push notifications via Zapier and send the latest news

How to Install Notix Push Notifications Plugin with WordPress.

1. Go to to create an account for free.

2. After creating an account, an email will be sent to you. Login to your email to confirm and activate your registration. There, you will be able to set your account password.

3. Login to your WordPress site or blog to install the Notix WordPress plugin.

Dashboard > Add Plugins > Search for Notix > Install > Activate > Click on Notix menu on the left sidebar in your WordPress dashboard > Connect plugin.

4. After then, login again to your Notix account, then Add the tag to your site.

5. Click on My Sources > Add Source > Select WordPress Plugin > Type in the Name app or website > Create source

6. Copy the Application ID > Paste in the required field on your WordPress plugin

7. Then go back to Notix API Access > Create token > Type in the name of your API > Click on the tick button to create API.

8. Finally, copy the API key to your plugin and then click Save.

Congratulations. You have successfully connected and installed Notix Push Notifications Plugin with WordPress.